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Fine Dining Made Easy

Fine dining is similar to admiring a work of art. In Chef Ridian Kabeya’s opinion, creating exquisite dishes of food is not solely reserved for Michelin-starred chefs; by following his guidance and putting in a little practice, anyone can produce wonders as well. In this e-book, you will find recipes for the perfect puree, as well as plating techniques most suited for your dish, so that you, too, can produce a masterpiece that will evoke a positive reaction from even the most stern of dinner guests.

The Art of Fine Dining

This e-book contains a few easy fine dining recipes that will elevate your position as a home entertainer. Chef Ridian Kabeya, a private Fine Dining Chef, demonstrates how the simplest, more delicate method will assist you in creating a dish that will please your visitors. From vegetarian to seafood to meat and everything in between, if you follow the instructions, you will discover that with experience, you can produce platters of the most beautiful cuisine that will have your visitors begging for more.